Privacy Statement

Concerned about your privacy? You definitely should be!

Rest assured though, we do not in any way use or share your data with anyone other than relaying your name and contact details from this website to the in-shop order system so as to prepare and deliver your food.

When you make payments via card on our website, we do not store your bank account information on our databases. Payment handling goes through payment gateway systems that are PCI-compliant services regulated by the government.

We do not track your activity on our website, we do not target any marketing material to you.

The only thing you should be aware of is we store cookies on your browser for the purposes of keeping the website functional. Cookies are used to keep your session active when, for example, you log in to your account so we can identify you in subsequent requests. We also use cookies for functionality like listing recently visited restaurants to make your job easier next time you land on the home page. And that is it!